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«Sales Script Prompter» is
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Increase conversion of your
employees’ calls by 50-80%.

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Reports to analyze
the quality of staff

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man man

Most businessmen, unfortunately, still lose customers and profits
when their managers...

are nervous, speak out of place, forget to ask suitable questions and appear to be not ready for force majeure when communicate with clients...

work with scripts designed in word, excel, or without them at all, "draining" clients...

share current experience and knowledge with the newcomers for weeks losing focus on their main work; while the newcomers do not sell either...

Stop losing clients!
Create effective algorithms of calls
in the sales script designer “Sales Script Prompter”

Conversion higher
by 50-80 %
due to correct scripts
of telephone calls



Create as quickly as possible scripts of any
complexity and for any task.


Avoid any surprises
due to thoughtful
scripts of conversation.


Find a suitable answer in less
than 1 second.

90 %
fewer critical
errors when
communicating with clients



Reveal the problematic moments
in conversations between the operators and clients.


Quickly find mistakes in telephone conversations
without listening to conversations.


Make changes quickly
while analyzing the conversation.

2-4 times
faster training
of newcomers and 30%
less employee turnover



Debug new scripts based
on comments from your employees.


Add practical phrases
from top sellers to increase conversions in telephone conversations.


Simplify employees' work
by integrating with your CRM

Convert cold calls into successful
deals and repeat sales

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Sales scripts actually increase
call conversion by 50-70% in 98% of cases

Are you still in doubt that this tool can bring profit to your company?
We have already taken care of your conversion!

Find out within 24 hours if the sales script designer will work for your business

No time to dig into the next service?
Sales Script Prompter is extremely easy-to-use

Take a mini-excursion into the bowels of the service in just three minutes and make sure that working in it is super easy and hyper convenient!

Thanks to our caring support no
question will remain unanswered


Text and video guide
inside the sales script


30-minute online-consultation demonstrating
the functionality of Sales Script Prompter
for 2-3 days after registration


A series of educational letters
with software manuals

No restrictions on functionality. It is possible, in the future, to use the service free of charge with some restrictions

Your business demands analytics (and rightly so)

Sales Script Prompter allows you to generate:


Reports to evaluate the
effectiveness of scripts and their rapid adjustment


Reports on the performance and quality of employees to motivate them


Reports on the activity of designers to control the process of improving the scripts


A new function is added — Report on popular answers

The statistics of the entire department and an individual
manager is always at hand.
Now you know for sure:


If the goal for each deal
has been reached or not


How many points (cues)
the operator has passed


At what cue the script was complete / broke


What the disadvantage of the script is and what point
should be adjusted


Register in the script designer Sales Script Prompter and significantly increase the efficiency of your employees

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Increase the conversion of phone calls into successful sales,
new customers and increase the profitability of your business!

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All tariff plans provide access to all the features of the online service
The price depends solely on the number of connected employees
Restrictions on the number of passes are available only on the free tariff


We guarantee the security of your data

Protocol access

Cyber-attack protection

Regular backup
(Database BackUp)

All the information specified in the script
is your intellectual property!


It will be available only for
you and your employees that
you invite to the account
on the website.


The “Sales Script Prompter” Company
is not entitled to pass
this information
to third parties.


The unique scripts remain
your property even
after many

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