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Incoming call script for Halotherapy Treatment Rooms

    Sales scripts

This script was created specifically for selling Halotherapy services. The texts are ‘universal’ and require slight modification for the specifics of your region. What to change and whether to change it at all, is your decision. The script is built on the basic stages of sales, which can be identified in the work of any product seller. Download the script and adapt it for your company.

Sales Script Promter. Video Instruction


Sales Script Promter. Video Instruction

Integration Sales Script Promper with the Bitrix24


Integration Sales Script Promper with Bitrix24. Install our application in the Bitrix24 directory.

3 Problems with sales scripts

    Cold call

Have you already faced the problems while implementing phone scripts? I have faced them repeatedly. I will tell you a more detailed information about the kinds of problems I mean and how to overcome them in this article.

Calls without blunders - it is possible!


An error, “a lapse” - is something that can be corrected. A blunder - is a critical error, that is almost impossible to correct. These kinds of “blunders” decrease a conversion rate, reduce profits, and have a negative influence on your reputation.

In this article, you will learn how to detect the errors and “blunders” at the early stages and correct them quickly. More importantly, you can do it without having to complete expensive sales trainings and without total listening to the recordings of your customer relationship managers’ phone conversations.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Here are answers to the most important questions about using the sales script designer SalesScriptPrompter.

7 Ways to Benefit from Sales Script Prompter


This article is proposed for business blogs and newsletters owners, for sales coaches and consultants. There are two main benefits you may get:

a) - attract additional visitors to your website

b) - get an affiliate commission from Sales Script Prompter online service

Need more info about sales scripts? Get the book


The Book of Dmitry Tkachenko is a real treasure for both sales department heads and sales managers. Scripts are a very important and powerful weapon which, when used correctly, is able to give very good results. Scripts help to make effective fighters from green rookies in a very short period of time.

19 mistakes, killing the effectiveness of a cold call script


In this article, you will learn how to evaluate cold calling scripts, what mistakes should be avoided when designing them and how to improve their effectiveness.

Several times a month we receive different scripts and we are asked, ‘Could you, please, look what can be improved here?’. To do this, there is a very simple checklist of 19 points. If we evaluate a script according to each of its criteria and modify it, its efficiency will increase significantly.