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7 Ways to Benefit from Sales Script Prompter


This article is proposed for business blogs and newsletters owners, for sales coaches and consultants. There are two main benefits you may get:

a) - attract additional visitors to your website

b) - get an affiliate commission from Sales Script Prompter online service

19 mistakes, killing the effectiveness of a cold call script


In this article you learn how to evaluate cold calling scripts, what mistakes should be avoided when designing them and how to improve their effectiveness.

Several times a month we receive different scripts and we are asked, ‘Look, please, what can be improved here’. To do this, there is a very simple checklist of 19 points. If we evaluate a script according to each of its criteria and modify it, its efficiency will increase significantly.

Need more info about sales scripts? Get the book


The Book of Dmitry Tkachenko is a real treasure for both sales department heads and sales managers. Scripts are a very important and powerful weapon which, when used correctly, is able to give very good results. Scripts help to make effective fighters from green rookies in a very short period of time.