Benefits and characteristics of Sales Script Prompter

  • Dec 2, 2022
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See which of these is most important to you:

Reducing the number of critical errors in telephone conversations.

Significant increase in conversion rate during negotiating.

Reducing the time and improving the quality of training for new specialists.

Minimizing the leakage of valuable personnel without increasing the wage fund.

Increasing the percentage of detection of errors during of telephone conversations.

A convenient visual editor that allows to quickly create and, if necessary, edit the script of a telephone conversation.

A section for working with scripts, which makes it possible to comfortably use complex scripts without losing concentration.

Reports for the manager, generated in order to evaluate the effectiveness of scripts, their operational adjustment and control over the quality of work of employees.

Easy adaptation for any specific of the work of employees.

Fast implementation, simplicity and no restrictions on the number of scripts.

Free trial period and affordable tariff plans.

Creation and removal of groups of operators working with scripts of different categories.

Creating folders for scripts of a certain subject and moving scripts between folders.

Differentiation of access rights of employees to folders.

Call mode settings (placement of answers relative to text, etc.).

Possibility of entering, in scripts, custom fields.

Import fields from CRM to scripts.

The ability to make comments during calls and final comments on the results of conversations.

The ability to view the results of calls and other reports on the work of employees in the manager's account.

Maintaining call statistics by scripts with the ability to sort by dates and employees.

Convenient report on the effectiveness of employees, enabling their motivation.

Good affiliate program.

Export reports to Excel.


Andre Venn

Head of the project development department Sales Script PROMPTER

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