FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • May 28, 2019

Q: How much does the service cost?
A: The first 2 weeks it is free. In the future, from 19$ per month. View all rates

Q: Where to get ready scripts?
A: Ready scripts can be searched in the library of sales scripts.

Q: How can I earn on the SalesScriptPrompter service?
A: Through the affiliate program, we pay 30% of the payments by the users that you attracted (for details, see the "Affiliate program" menu).

Q. Can my scripts get to the competitors?
A. We do not sell, distribute or use users’ scripts. SalesScriptPrompter undertakes not to transfer to third parties the scripts created by the user without the written consent issued in the additional agreement or by e-mail.

Q: Is integration with telephony possible
A: Integration with telephony will not be implemented. The service has a built-in function "Call recording".

Q: Is integration with CRM system possible?
A: Currently, collaboration with any CRM in Google Chrome browser is implemented. If You want to set up integration with another CRM system, just let us know. You can configure your own CRM system using the open API

Q: How to speed up the development of new functions in SalesScriptPrompter?
A: If you need a function, write to us about what you would like to see in the new version and how much you are ready to pay for the development of this function within 2 weeks.

Q: My question is not on the list, what to do?
A: Watch the videos in the Instructions section, if there is also no answer to your question, write to support[at]SalesScriptPrompter.ru . We usually reply within 1-2 business days.


Andrei Prompter

CEO, Sales Script PROMPTER