Setting up a sales script for a voice trainer

  • Sep 21, 2023
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In this article, we will talk about how you can customize the script to get the most out of the voice trainer.

I will describe the possible actions when setting up a script for a voice trainer:

1. Starting node and welcome phrase.

Why it's needed:

Allows you to do more training by starting a conversation with the robot not from the very beginning of the conversation, but from the desired stage in the script.

How to connect:

To set the starting node for the voice trainer, switch to the script editing mode and open the desired node for editing. At the bottom of the window, check the tick “Set as the first node for the voice trainer” and in the field that appears, enter the greeting phrase of the robot. After that, save your changes.

From now on, you can already use the call script in voice trainer mode. The training will use only the answers that are tied to the nodes (phrases of the operator).

But you can expand the functionality of the voice trainer by making additional settings.

2. Using response groups in training. Why it’s needed:

Helps the manager to quickly learn the structure of the script and teaches him the correct behavior model when the client seizes the initiative in a conversation. Indeed, in most conversations, the dialogue often does not go according to the plan and the manager needs to switch to the client's objections at unpredictable moments.

How to connect:

To use a response group in the voice trainer, go to the script editor and open the desired group for editing. On the left, next to the answers, there are checkboxes, the selection of which will add this answer to the voice trainer mode. You can select some answers or all at once by activating the checkbox at the top of the list of answers.

3. Several answers in one node for the test taker's choice.

Why it’s needed:

Develop variability. Teach managers to choose the most appropriate option depending on the context of the conversation.

How to connect:

In sales scripts, there are situations when the same objection can be processed in different ways, based on the situation. Or you just need to test different ways of presenting information. Especially for this, we have added the ability to work in the voice simulator with several options for the speech module.

To separate different equivalent options, separate them with blue text stripes. In a script it might look like this:

Good afternoon

Option 1:

Connect with the director, please.

Option 2:

Tell me, is the director there?

Option 3:

With whom can I communicate about cooperation with your company?

If they switch:

Tell me his first name, please.

In this case, the voice trainer will wait for the trainee to pronounce the accompanying text (if any) and one of the options between the blue stripes.

4. Use of technical information in the text of the script.

Why it’s needed:

When composing a script, there are often situations when you need to give some hint instructions for the operator. Usually they are written in the speech module, applying different formatting for this text. So that the voice simulator does not wait for the manager to say these phrases, you have the opportunity to separate them from the main text.

How to connect:

Highlight the text that the manager does not need to say and apply a different formatting color to it: red, yellow, or brown. From now on, the voice trainer will not require the pronunciation of this text during training.

Want to test how well your managers navigate script and make script conversations come alive and naturally?

Set up your scripts in the Sales Script Prompter according to this instruction and train your employees before calling real clients.

And be sure to let us know if you have any questions or need additional features in the voice simulator.


Andre Venn

Head of the project development department Sales Script PROMPTER

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