Incoming call script for Halotherapy Treatment Rooms

  • May 11, 2021
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This script was created specifically for selling Halotherapy services. The texts are ‘universal’ and require slight modification for the specifics of your region. What to change and whether to change it at all, is your decision. The script is built on the basic stages of sales, which can be identified in the work of any product seller.

The stages of the script:

1 - Greeting, 2 - Explanation, 3 - Presentation, 4 - Closing and 5 - Acquisition of contents.

It’s easy to see that the stage of dealing with objections is not highlighted in a separate block. The very fact that there are objections, is an indicator of poor quality of work in the previous stages. And the ‘poor’ quality could come from either the sellers themselves, or the customers, (who were attracted by low-quality advertising).

Therefore, in some cases there will be objections and in some cases not. The script contains a block for processing objections, but not as a separate, ‘mandatory’ stage. It’s a kind of ‘auxiliary section’, which is rarely used in the work.


In classic sales terminology, a Greeting is the answer to three questions: who, where from and why. When answering an incoming call, just give your name and company. Who and where from, the answer to the two questions is simple and un-complicated. The answer to the question ‘why,’ will come from the clients themselves, when you pick up the phone and start the conversation in the sales script deisgner "Sales Script Promter".

In the script, the ‘Greeting’ block is the ‘Start of the conversation’ block.

Here the manager makes an introduction, listens to the customer, finds out their name and immediately makes an attempt to move the sale to the stage of ‘EXPRESSING THE NEED’.

There are also buttons to go to the ‘Service Prices’ and ‘FAQ’ modules.

There are no prices in the script itself, as it is designed for different regions. You can work with the usual price list, but if you decide to enter your own prices into the script, the module has all the connections with the other modules are built in. Just enter your prices into the script and go.

The ‘FAQ’ service module, has answers to typical questions that are most often asked by customers. Can pregnant women undergo the procedure, are there any contra-indications, how long does it take? etc.

This script contains 7 typical questions, which are more for reference as they may need to be different in your area. Just add your list of questions to the script, with answers for your clients.

In real conversations, if clients don’t agree to answer your questions, but want to ask their own, they get this opportunity. The manager then again attempts to transfer the client to the stage of ‘EXPLANATION OF NEEDS’.


Identifying this information, informs the ‘presentation’. Where you identify information that is not known, you emphasize some characteristics of halotherapy, like-wise knowing it, you emphasize others. These are the questions that will help you show the clients the specific benefits.

There are four questions included in the script, the goals of which are:

1 - To find out who is on the other end of the line - a potential client themselves, or someone interested for someone else.

2 - To find out if there is a disease which can be cured by Halotherapy.

3 - To find out the client's intention is to buy the service.

4 - To clarify the client's knowledge of Halotherapy.

The information received will help to shape your presentation; and you will know which qualities of Halotherapy to emphasize. However, if you think you need more information, you can easily change these questions, as the script structure will not change.


At this stage, based on the information received, present to the client the USEFUL properties of Halotherapy. Whilst telling them about the product, emphasize those properties that the client needs more!

The basic rule of PRESENTATION, is to talk in terms of CLIENT'S USE!

There are five arguments in this script. I recommend gathering your own base of arguments on a wide variety of topics. You should do this all the time, come up with new arguments, amplify old ones, and learn them literally by heart. Insert the best arguments into the script to continually improve its quality.


This is a ‘salesy’ term. A CLOSE is a specific offer, expressed in the affirmative. A ‘CLOSE’ puts the client before the choice, ‘YES/NO,' and accordingly, you get the client's consent to your proposal, or rejection. A rejection received on a specific proposal will also be specific, so you should take care to pick up the right argument.

For example, where your proposal suits the client, but you have not achieved a ‘CLOSE’, saying: “We work today until six, if you want, you can come …”.

The client responds: "...uh-huh, if anything - I'll stop by...".

What is this? This is the client's ‘SLEEP’. You don't know whether the client will come or not, and how to clarify this point is also unclear.

But if you answer in a different way like this: "Come today, we work until six, will you make it?”

The client will say either "Yes" or “No".

Even if it's "no", it's easy to continue the conversation and ask the client to name a specific time that's convenient for them.


Even if the client said “yes”, said “that’s it, I'm coming out”, be sure to get their name and phone number. They can forget, get lost, or even get sick, but you can call back and find out what happened, agreeing another time to visit.

Even if the client refuses to come, you also need to take a contact. At a minimum, this collects a base of customers. As a maximum, you may have the opportunity to sell your service in a couple of weeks.

Even if you already know the name of the client and have a phone number identified, then say, "I'll call you”, which will give you a "lead" - a reason to call.

In this script, after the ‘CLOSING’ block comes the ‘TAKE CONTACTS’ block. With any reaction of the client, whether they said "Yes" to your proposal, or “No," you need to take a contact.

Objection handlers are aimed precisely at taking contact. As for other possible objections, you will need to add the missing options yourself, depending on your specifics.


Any script is first of all the structure of the conversation, and then the texts. The structure of this script enforces the five basic rules of sales. As for the arguments about the procedure itself, its properties and the therapeutic effect on the body, a manager needs to know these arguments by heart, in order to use them in a conversation.

Even though this script is designed for a narrow specificity, (Halotherapy - salt caves), it can easily be adapted for your product. After all, the basic blocks of in-coming call processing are already developed and just requires that you fill them with questions and answers from your own field.

Download the in-bound call script, adapt it for your business and boost your sales today!

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