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What this book is about

Speed of reaction - this is what determines the success of sales and negotiations. When talking (both on a phone and face-to-face) you often do not have a couple of seconds to think and formulate a balanced response. The main weapon in this situation is the possession of a vast arsenal of ready-made answers to any reply of the counterparty.

This book is a wealth of the most successful, and well-defined speech modules tested in harsh conditions of actual sales. They allow you to develop sales scenarios that fit your negotiating situations. If you want to receive really working phrases instead of clichés and totally ineffective responses to customer’s objections, this book is for you!

After reading this book you will:

  • get a step by step algorithm of development and implementation of sales scripts;
  • add effective speech modules to your piggy bank for work in a situation of active sales;
  • learn to overcome any barriers on your way to DM.

Who is the author

Dmitry Tkachenko is a sales coach with 12 years of experience, expert Number 1 on the play education on active sales. He consulted and taught sales technologies to the personnel of Sony, the Siemens, Baltika, Arkhyz, Rostelecom, Interfax companies and over 600 organizations. He is among the top 10 best Russian coaches in sales according to the rating of the ‘SALES BUSINESS / Sales’ magazine and the top 20 Russian coaches in sales according to the SALESPORTAL and TRENINGO magazine. He is the author of eight books on sales and negotiations.

An expert’s opinion

‘The Book of Dmitry Tkachenko is a real treasure for both sales department heads and sales managers. Scripts are a very important and powerful weapon which, when used correctly, is able to give very good results. Scripts help to make effective fighters from green rookies in a very short period of time. Scripts help an average seller in an unusual situation to find the right decision and close the deal. Scripts allow the experienced sales people to improvise making a start from the solid foundation and achieve more. This book should be a reference book for each sales department, and it will bring you more than a million profit if you do not just buy but actually implement techniques described in it.’

Timur Aslanov,
Editor in Chief, ‘Sales Management’ magazine
the author of a blog about sales

The book is a bestseller in Russia, it was reprinted three times. We collect donations for the publication of the book in English. It is necessary to collect $10 000. At the moment, $100 are collected. If you want to make a donation, please contact us.


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